Electronic commerce is a new marketing channel for cosmetics package
    For the traditional retail channels, e-commerce has the unique advantages of high efficiency and low cost. Therefore, more and more cosmetics merchants have extended the marketing channels to the e-commerce platform. At the same time, the cosmetic package is the same. In order to meet the requirements of network sales, cosmetic packaging also presents some new features.

Electronic commerce also provides an opportunity for the innovation of package materials. Brand manufacturers can use digital printing technology or laser engraving technology to add customer's name or unique design to customize the unique personalized packaging for customers according to customer requirements. In addition, a gift box is designed and made for the customer's gift needs of some network card customers, and the customers can choose freely. Products, the combination of personalized gift boxes, directly to the hands of customers.

Electronic commerce has put forward higher requirements for the safety and protection of the transportation of cosmetics package: when the customer receives the product, the packaging must be intact, no deformation or scratching. In traditional retail mode, products are usually packaged in addition to transportation and packaging. Therefore, transport safety is based on transport packaging. The mode of transportation and transportation environment used in e-commerce are more complex and uncertain. Therefore, we should carry out transportation simulation test, drop test, wear test and pressure test for single product packaging to ensure transportation safety. In addition, e-commerce requires cosmetic packaging to have better sealing protection. To protect customers from unopened, uncontaminated products.

With the increasing awareness of green environmental protection, electronic commerce has also promoted the use of recyclable packaging materials, and cosmetic package producers should also consciously guide the consumer's environmental behavior.

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